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MY WRITING: I write mostly for the Supernatural, Horror, Fantasy, And Sci-Fi genres...and of course for any combination of the above. :) I very rarely write of romance and love in original stories. I save that for my FanFiction. When and if I do write of love and romance, it most likely will be slash. I enjoy writing "between the lines," so to speak. I write of heroes that aren't heroes, and of villains that aren't villains, and of wonderful, empowered women who kick serious arse. I want to make my readers really think when I write. I wish to leave them with an image of something beautiful, haunting, incredible, horrible...it doesn't matter, as long as it's something they will remember for a very long time to come. I want my work to rock a reader's world, turn it upside down and inside out, and I will accept nothing less. Here's hoping I succeed. BIO: Age: 19 Gender: Female Sexual Orientation: Lolwut? O.O Schooling: Freshman in college O.o My major is currently undecided, so please stop asking. Likes: Reading, Writing, Watching Anime, Playing Video Games, Downhill Skiing, Hiking, Swimming, The Ocean, Nice Smells, Hanging Out With My Friends, English, History, and Saving the World. Dislikes: Bad Smells, Hypocrites, Hospitals, People Who Think They're All That When They Really Aren't, Politicians, Fossil Fuels, The Laughter Of Teenage Girls, Stupid People, Littering, Pollution, Country Music, BubbleGum Pop Music, Endings/Goodbyes, and Lying. STORY JOURNAL: STORIES: "The Last Protector" (fantasy/sci-fi): When Dana started college, she expected to make friends, study hard, go to parties, and maybe even meet a boy. She certainly wasn't expecting a mysterious, weird roommate named Alex who kept enough secrets to fill the inside of a mountain. In her quest to figure out those secrets, Dana is unwittingly involved in an underground world of magic, intrigue, and an epic, age-old fight between Good and Evil. STATUS: IN-PROGRESS/HIATUS. I'm not in an emotional state right now where I can work on this story. I do plan on continuing it, but updates probably won't be forthcoming until this summer, or at least not until the end of this semester of college. FRIENDS: cerali (that's not true, I would): my light. krystal (I looked everywhere for you): my darkness. Like my writing? Wanna see more? Then check me out at: Fanfiction . net: Light Within Darkness http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1615693/ Adultfanfiction . net: LostinThought8 http:///authors.php?no=1296864591
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