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2Who Am I? Who am I? What am I to you? I was feeling down one day and this is what came out, please tell me what you think. Enjoy.
Poetry: General, K, English, Drama & Angst, words: 287, 1/21/2002
1Smells like...... I think the Rating might be a little much, but the feelings are very strong in this one. And there are alot of bad words from what I remember of it.
Poetry: General, M, English, Angst & Angst, words: 280, 1/21/2002
1The inner Battle A fight with in one's self to be in contorl.
Poetry: General, T, English, Angst & Horror, words: 463, 1/21/2002
6Darkness falls » The end of the world, the monsters have come out to play. Innocents is gone from sight. Now there is only night.
Poetry: General, T, English, Horror & Sci-Fi, chapters: 2, words: 348, favs: 1, updated: 1/18/2002 published: 1/17/2002
1Words on the bathroom wall. Sometimes we all feel like we are deep with in darkness, sometimes we all just need to rant, to yell at the world and those around us. This appered from my mind to paper. I like it, though you might not. Just tell me what you think. And please nothing abo
Poetry: General, K+, English, Angst & Poetry, words: 277, 12/6/2001
4A Kiss Take this as you want it, it could be just a kiss, or a vampire's kiss of life, tell me what you think it is. It could be anything you want it to be.
Poetry: General, K+, English, Romance & Drama, words: 105, 10/10/2001
2Whispers Saddness..Darkness, other things that may be apart of this. My thoughs a bit on my past and what I feel now, and how it is hard to cry, Read it or not it's up to you..
Poetry: General, K, English, Drama & Angst, words: 364, 9/28/2001
2Things I must say... Frist off if you have a better name for this please tell me. I just lost a close friend to me and I haven't been able to really cry, these words came to me, they poured out. I knew I had to write them. This is a very dark price, Read it or not that is up
Poetry: General, T, English, Poetry, words: 323, 9/28/2001
2Shadows (Shadow Land) Traped in the shadows, locked away in our own fears, scared to get away. What do we do.. Do sit there and die? Or do we disapper with the moonlight like the shadows. (R/R)
Poetry: General, K+, English, Poetry & Drama, words: 234, 9/16/2001
8Yet, I was not scared. Fear, what do we know about it.. Everyone scared of diffent things, though death is one of things we all have worry about. Read this is you have the heart to, and remember to tell me what you think.
Fiction: Horror, K, English, Supernatural & Romance, words: 495, favs: 2, 8/31/2001
1Little Girl Nothing what it seems any more, innocent is some times no longer innocent
Poetry: General, K+, English, Poetry, words: 557, 7/12/2001
9I am a Lady ! This a Vampire Poem that I worte basicly as a joke. It's cute, it's funny.. heck that's what i think.. so why dont you tell me what you think.. R/R please.. thanks and Enjoy!
Fiction: Humor, K+, English, Poetry & Drama, words: 202, 5/14/2001
2Love or Obsession Sometimes we have a hard time telling what is love and what is Obession, there is a real thin line some people cross with out knowing it.
Poetry: General, K, English, Romance, words: 162, 5/14/2001
1Sult(And another short peom.. Death) The frist Peom is called Sult, the second Death.. not really much to say about them. Please R/R... thank you.. and enjoy.
Poetry: General, T, English, Drama, words: 0, 5/12/2001
4Words of Love A love song/peom.. Please r/r
Poetry: General, K, English, Romance & Drama, words: 0, 5/12/2001
2Would you..Could you? I am asked things like this. Does he really care? Does really listen.. Well I put this in my little train of though and came out with Would you.. could you.. Enjoy !.
Poetry: General, K, English, Romance & Poetry, words: 0, 5/11/2001
1Me Evil? Me Good? What is evil? What is good? Well this what this peom speaks of. There is like one bad word even though it's not very bad..heh.. well enjoy ..
Poetry: General, K+, English, Poetry & Drama, words: 0, 5/11/2001
3What is.. Who is the God(dess) Basic poem asking who is god.. is it a male or a female, this was writen after a rather heated talk with my friends and I. Yet, I still feel like i need to add more.. I'll let you guys see for yourself.. R/R please.
Poetry: General, K, English, Poetry & Drama, words: 0, 5/11/2001
3Though the eyes of a child. A child scared of monsters, it has some thurths and some odd things to it. It's a good storie, it makes me cry, but then agian that's because I happned to me. I wont post any more until i get a few people asking for it. Please R/R, I need to know how am
Fiction: General, K+, English, Drama & Supernatural, words: 0, 5/11/2001
3Help me This was wirten in a time where i felt very alone
Fiction: General, K, English, Poetry & Drama, words: 0, 5/10/2001
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