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Well, I'll start off by saying that i have absolutely NO ideal why you're here on my profile page(considering that i don't actually write and therefore have no stories up on this site...). However, since you're here reading this I'll go ahead, feel flattered, and tell you a little about myself.

My name's Hali(just in case my account name thingy didn't tip you off lol)and it's pronounced Hailey not Halle...as in Berry...I have a few nicknames; seven(yep, the number), Whore of the thunder gods, Dozer, 7-dozer, Seven Whore of the thunder gods, and a few I'm trying to get rid of. All of which have either a very funny or very stupid story behind them(i am NOT a whore! haha).

Um, let's see, I'm 20 as of September 18th this year. I still work at the most awesomest store ever caaalled...STARBUCKS!! ha-ha got you there huh? No, seriously though i work at a little store called Wizard of Odd'z and we sell all kinds of odd-ball things like posters, incense, oils, T-shirts, pipes, Ect.(I'm like a big billboard huh?). I live with my Grandparents, have a car that overheats before you can get down the block, I still haven't started college(Fingers crossed for the summer of '12!) and to top it off, i still don't have my drivers license...Sad huh?


Ah, the joys of music, honestly i could probably go on all day about which bands i like and why but I'll try and keep it brief...ish. Some of my favorite bands are Three days grace, Bullet for my valentine, A7x(really i only like a hand full of their songs but i REALLY like the ones I'm thinking of), Sugarcult, 10 years, Alter bridge, The academy is, 30 seconds to mars, BLS, Fleetwood Mac, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Toby Keith, Cold, Course of nature, cross fade, Foo fighters, Lily Allen, Muse, Papa Roach, Paramore, Reba McEntire, Relient K, Safety Suit, Sick puppies, SPM, SOAD, Thousand foot krutch, Tony Dize, The Veronicas, Winsin y Yandel(that's right, white girl's going south of the border ha-ha), Ect. Man I'm telling you i can seriously go on forever.


I play a few different instruments such as the Guitar(electric and acoustic), Piano, Clarinet(ah the joys of middle school band lol), Trumpet(just barely), I play the Bass guitar, and i own a mandolin(though I've yet to even attempt to play it). I plan on eventually learning the Violin, cello, Drums, mandolin, and maybe even the Banjo. Needless to say I'll never run out of things to do :). I can also draw fairly well even though i don't like to most of the time, I prefer to paint(though i don't do much of that either lol). Other than that you can usually find me reading or hanging out with my friends, I do box a little but only for recreational/fitness purposes and only in my house(apparently having a speed and heavy bag in my garage makes me a boxer haha).

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