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Hi there :)

So since...2008 maybe? I've been lurking around, loving nearly every single story on this. I usually go for 'Romance, Rating: All, Complete, 1000 words' and when I saw those drop down windows for the first time, I fell in love.

I hate English. The subject, I mean. I'm good at reading, and creative writing, and I bomb nearly ever research paper and persuasive essays. Well, bomb as in B. But that's bombing in my parents eyes. The point is, reading and creative writing is the only thing that keeps me alive in English. So that's why I'm here. Well, here now. To write. Maybe.

I'm the type of person that gets really into something for about a week or so, and then gets bored, ditches, and leaves. So, if I ever do come around to post up long, chapter stories, my readers need to review, review, review, and demand, push, and shove me. And yell. And scream. And curse. And... you get the point.

I want to tell you guys things about me, because then we'll have that awesome Reader - Author bond. Or just the Stalker - Person-with-account bond. Oh, and please don't read this if it would destroy your faith in me and ruin your impressions. Because knowing about people usually destroys my image of them too. Well, my ethnicity is Asian. From Taiwan, if you must know. That doesnt mean anything though. DON'T RUN AWAYYYYY. Is anyone still here? Probably not. Usually, people run and go "I'm not reading this girl's stories if they're all asian based and crap." Trust me, I do that ALL the time. I'll get back to that later though. I'm not telling you how old I am. Because I don't know you, and you might be some crazy rapist trying to trace my IP address and come to get me and my beautiful laptop in Shanghai. Oh yeah, and I'm in Shanghai, at the moment. I say at the moment, not because I'm here for vacation (ew, who would want to come here for vacation? During SUMMER too) but because I'm an expatriat kid. Did I spell that right? I'm on Firefox, so why don't the squijiggly things come out? Oh, squijiggly is my word. I copyright it. NO STEALEY. Usually its followed with a ~. Like this: squijiggly~.

Sorry, I'm a fag, I know. My friends tell me that all the time. And I get so distracted easily. If you dont know, expatriats are families where the working person, like the dad, is on a system, where they're sent out to branches that are in different countries. Most expatriat people stay in one country or city for about 3 or 4 years. And you're only an expatriat if you move with your dad. Like me :D So, I've actually only lived in the country where I was born for 4 years. And then New Zealand for 8 years. It's pretty relaxed there, but I'll tell you about that later. After New Zealand, was Japan. Japan has to be the best place in the world. I stayed there for 2 years, before I came to Shanghai. So yeah, I'm still in high school. Being an expatriat means that you can NOT be one of those losers that don't have any friends. Because once you finally make one friend, you'll probably move again. So most of the people learn to be really outgoing. Like me. I'm really a shy girl at heart, but I guess this is what international schools do to you. You're lucky if you keep a friend for 3 years. Sometimes, its depressing. But then you're usually guaranteed that that bitch that's always stabbing your back is going to be gone pretty much soon. Hmm. I think I'll just write this into a nonfiction piece. Because this paragraph is making me dizzy with the great mass of letters.

So being an international student, means going to an international school. Usually, the company pays for our tuition. Great right? Just as well, because the fees are fudging expensive. And I mean, 60 grand a year. USD. Our friends are from all over, and once in a while, you'll be back in the same school as one of your old friends. It's pretty great. Wait, I'm suppose to be talking about me.

There isn't really anything more to say. At least nothing I can think of now. So readers, please don't run away after you find out that I'm Asian. I do that too, but really, I'm probably more white than your history teacher. Except my history teacher is black, and I don't know shit about US history. Crap, I need to find my APUSH book. Summer reading, says the teacher. Like I can finish that massive paperweight in 3 months. I'd fall asleep on every page. But then again, I love history, so I don't know what I'm talking about right now. Gah. Wait, back on the train of thought. Where is that train? Doo doooo. Okay, it arrived. So I'm asian, but I bet I can speak better English than half of your friends. And I have this really awesome half New Zealand accent to go with it. I'll let you listen to it sometime. Maybe. If you promise not to jack off to it. Kidding :) By the way, I'm really nasty. In the perverted way. Anyways, you know those really Asian girls that do that azn sign and have really small eyes and really small boobs and the weirdest hair and really high, false voices and really dramatic, false reactions? Not me. Except my boobs are kinda small. Hmph. What I'm getting at, is that I'm just like you baby. And dont follow my example and discriminate by race. I'm trying, I really am. But sometimes, the people's writings sort of suck. And every story has the same kind of best friend, same protagonist, same love interest, etc. Ahh I'm being so mean. I swear, I'm not this mean in person. I'm actually a really really nice girl.

Oh, and I should probably tell you some basic things about me. No, I'm not lesbian, as much as some people insist, and yes, I'm sure. No I'm not a mix, and yes, I'm sure of that too. Those are the two most frequently asked questions of my everyday life. The mix thing I get, but lesbian? I guess I do give off that vibe sometimes. And the fact that I've never had a boyfriend contributes to that quite a lot. Shut up, I'm not ugly. I think I have a fear of intimacy. Or just commitment. No, intimacy. I run away when I have a feeling someone's going to ask me out. And I know it hurts them, but I'm really really not comfortable with that. Why am I telling you this? You probably don't even care. cry

Anyways, read whatever story I might have coming out. I have an idea or two already :) And I promise that with my stories, it wont be all about me, because really, I'm boring.

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