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My name is Kevin. I'm a writer and a reader.

My life revolves around the people who have walked in and out of it. I'm sort of a hopeless romantic. I value friendship and relationship above almost anything else. I'll probably wind up marrying a hippy or a vegetarian - I have a tendency to collect them, though I am neither myself.

There's a constant battle between romanticism and cynicism going on in my head. Four times out of five, the former wins.

I believe there's only one truth, but you have to find it for yourself. You can't be told.

I believe there's potential in everyone, but some people die without ever using it.

A lot of my writing is deeply rooted in personal experience or the stories of the people around me. No matter how abstract or obscure. There's piece of my life in there somewhere.

I'd love it if you read and honestly critique my stuff. I'm a glutton for punishment so be brutal.

You can also find me here:

You can find me on facebook here.

I co-write lyrics and play bass for my band, Chasing the Sky. We're just finishing our first EP. Go listen!

I also write lyrics and play guitar on an acoustic side project with my (practically) little sister. It's called A Sidewalk Redemption.

Writers With More Talent Than Me:

The Eternal Masquerade: One of the most intelligent people I've ever met. Pay special attention to her poetry. 'Beautiful' is far too shallow a word to describe it.

Alexander Turnbull: Dark, sinister, unflinching story-writing all delivered in a package of snappy, to the point prose. This guy is good.

Red Letter Media's Plinkett Reviews: (http://) Clever, hilarious, and insightful youtube reviews of films that should've been good. Best known for his 70 and 90 minute reviews of Star Wars Episodes 1 and 2. Part satire, part comedy sketch, part educational - these things offer some really insightful tips into story crafting, character development, and the anatomy of a scene.

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