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Hi Everyone! So... Little bit about me, eh?

- Passion... music. I know, I'm on a writing/reading site, and I'm a band geek. Yup. Anyone who feels as though writing is what allows you to completely express yourself and say anything you wanna say, well, that's music for me. I'm a clarinet player, but I started playing piano when I was six and I still love it to no end. Of course, I love writing because sometimes just writing down what you wanna say is exactly what you need to do so your head stops feeling like it'll explode, but I alternate between writing and music =

-No way I'd be putting my real name or hometown on here, but I'll say I'm from Michigan (hooray...). Really, though, despite our crazy weather and horrid economy, I think it's a beautiful state- four seasons, tons of trees, land that ranges from flat flat flat to mountainous (no joke- the porquipine mountains in michigan, check it out), and beautiful lakes = gotta love it!

-I'm an overall postive person... whos been through a lot of crap. Just this past year included a second divorce and losing two half siblings to an unpredictable tradgedy that almost also resulted in the loss of my mom. Even though I try not to use all of that as an excuse, anyone who's been through something horribly awful knows that it doesnt just go away. You can't blink away a memory, or a picture, or a feeling. They stay there, and sometimes things just build up until you want to scream for no good reason. I'm no perfect person now, and was never any innocent damsel in distress, but I would highly advise to anyone in some kind of situation like that to find something to keep your thoughts busy. I found that keeping a hidden journal (in fact this would work perfectly) of just thoughts, feelings, or anything helped. I personally found an escape through music, sometimes through writing or reading, other times through drawing or running. Whatever you've gotta do to keep yourself sane, so long as you keep yourself out of harms way.

-Before I sound too dramatic and emo and whatever y'all are assuming, let me say that I know my life story isn't nearly as bad as half the people out there. Geez I mean compared to even some of the people in my life, I've got it great. A horrible stepmother was nothing. A death in the family? psh. I get that, ok? Please don't think of me as "oh my god, my life sucks, i didn't get an a, and blah blah blah..." cuz, that's not it.

Rules I try to live by (and think the world would be a better place if only everyone including myself could always follow):

1. Don't judge people- you don't know unless you walk in their shoes

2. Treat others as you wish to be treated- would you want to be that girl sitting alone? No? Then DUH, you go ask her if you can join her. Chances are she'll say yes, even if you don't talk much.

3. Don't let others break you- putting yourself back together takes a long time...

4. Never ever ever give up, no matter the circumstance. Easier said than done, but I don't think I'll be making the mistake of giving up again.

5. Strangers? Naw. You don't have to talk to them (heh I mean, I'm shyer than shy). But give them a smile. Sometimes that's all it takes to turn someone's day around.

6. Trust and respect... they've gotta be earned on a two way street. And crossing that street requires Patience, Love, and Kindess.

7. Bad experiences? They suck. So take them, learn from them, and leave them in the past. The past can't be changed, so why let it drastically effect your future for the worse? Make it for the better.

8. No matter how much you want to talk, listen to others first. Sometimes what they have to say is more important than "guess what I bought at Kroger today?". (On that note... if you're one of those people who has a lot to say and feels like they have no one to say it to... SPEAK UP. I am that person. And I've found out that almost anybody, despite what you may think, will listen to anything you have to say. Give it a try sometime... it takes a little bit of guts, but it's worth it!)

9. R.A.O.K. random acts of kindess. pass it on.

(ps... not sure if this is working yet or not... I keep fixing my profile so the numbers are one through nine but when I look at it from your view it goes through ten and is missing three... sorry about that... ?)

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