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Hi. =)

I'm really nice. Seriously! Mature too.

Also, shy/quiet & a little stubborn but, it depends.

My ideal/dream career isn't becoming an author but, making animated films. =) I've already came up with some ideas & shared them with my friends, which they liked very much, & hope to share it with the world too. =) But, it's going to be hard to achieve because someone is interfering with my dream. =(

I'm a novice at writing chapter stories so, I admit I have some writing disabilities and I'm sorry for any of my un-professional works. =_=''

But, I have to keep writing if I want to improve right? Also, I enjoy writing. It helps with my creative spirit!

My friends tell me that I have great ideas. But, I'm terrible at writing stories so, rather, I'll tell stories through animation!

Hobbies/Interests: Drawing, Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki, Akira Yamaoka, Alex Shepherd, Chris Redfield, heroes, graphics, animation, movies/tv, video games, swimming, art, life, scenery, dreams, poetry, photography, food, music, animals, nature, supernatural/paranormal, & badminton.

Favorite FictionPress Genres: Manga, horror, fantasy, fiction, kids, young adult, & supernatural.

Homepape/Websites: SilentWorld, deviantART, Storywrite, & My Graphics/Drawings Portfolio


The Eclipse (Title Pending) - Two brothers, Chris (21) & David (10), travel alone to a forbidden & abandoned town located on the other side of their hometown, Kinswood. Once there they discover dark secrets, grotesque monsters, & a vital need to survive! They soon become chased by dark worshipers known as, The Eclipse, who want them to stay but in particular, David for some reason.

In this game of chase and hide & seek they encounter not only the terrifying creatures but fearful challenges, some “magic,” and even guidance from the unexpected. Can Chris protect an utterly frightened David from these terrors? And why do the Eclipse want David so much? What secrets laid hidden on this land? (Story inspired by Silent Hill but not as terrifying as it).


The Book Thief (MY RATING SO FAR) 6.7/10 - Very well written but just isn't my type of book. =\

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulan (MY RATING SO FAR) 6/10 - An OK book for young adults.

Moving South (MY RATING SO FAR) 8.8/10 - Starting out to be an amazing horror story! The prologue is sure to hook you in! =D

Cry Wolf (MY RATING SO FAR) 8/10 - A great fantasy story about "magic, werewolves, and other mysterious creatures." =)

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