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Call me the Quill! I enjoy reading, writing, shooting basketball, working, and watching T.V. You guys ever wonder why you joined Ficition Press? I joined because I wanted to share my read, and write knowlegde. It is fun. I am in production of THE NOTEBOOK. I hope that you enjoyed, and read WRITE OR WROTE. I don't want no bad blood with no one. If I angered you, I am sorry. It is stupid to be mad about something. This site is for everyone thoughts, feelings, and opions. That is the basic base of writing. Shout out to every writer! Keep doing your best, and keep having the love for writing!

This is a most need updated upon my stats. I am not perfect, I am a Gemini. So don't expect me to be too uplifting, or dim at times. I am a God fearing and praising person. Yet the horoscope sign of the twins match me to perfection, with its detail, and my birth date. I have a new theme, and probly solid one. As minted upon my 1889 Silver Dollar I say this within my inked words: In God We Trust. Well hope you enjoy the upcoming Inked Pad: P1 God bless those whom don't and read my work. My summer's work is upon the horizon, yet I am trying to wrap the begining of the year with a dashing start. These are the two journals leading up to my major work. Hint: it is known as Define Me: Daniel Mapp. With all love and grace from God, Jesus, and me.

-Daniel Mapp

Here is my theme and warrior song when I pick up the keyboard or pen. It is rap, so please don't be a talkative critic. From the decoded words from that form of music, I became a stronger poet. Enjoy.If you read this, check out the beat in the link below.


Once more, heh,

-Daniel Mapp

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