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ashalayy aka freddi d PM
Joined Jul '09

H E L L O ! ! = my name is ashley but, please, do call me ashalayy or freddi d! umm... i'm not all that sure of what to put on this..

well, let's go with this: i'm nice!! whoo!! and people say that i am funny although, i don't know how. i loooveeee nice, fancy cars, and people think that i can be a total boy for it lawlerz. umm.. i think i'm kinda doing this wrong, but i don't really care because i'm not "ordinary". if i was, i would be a box, and that doesn't look fun = i like anime, love to read, have two sisters and my mom has a honda pilot 2006 model. i love spicy foods, and i'll stop here because i think i'm telling too much lolz.

if you want to talk to me more, i have an aim, facebook, and myspace. just ask for anything, and i'll tell you.

baii baiii =3

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