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Fat Passion Fish Poet
Joined Aug '09

Having become terribly bored of reading my works and waiting for me to 'go do something about it' a close friend of mine has set up this wonderous account, so that I can write and upload until my little heart is content.

This is, after all, what good friends are for...

As for information about me, I have little to say on the subject, but I suppose the basic facts are the following:

My first love is history, my second music, and my third literature. Aside from these, I have soft spots for tennis, my friends, and gorgeous men.

A miserable day for others, is a fantastic day for me: I love the rain, I love the hail, I love the snow: anywhere cold? I'm there...

I firmly believe that there is almost no better feeling than careering down a mountain on a pair of plastic planks.

I could live off the absolute awesomeness that is 'slushies.'

I think I'm developing a small fear of pills.

And I'll add more to this later, when I've thought of enough things that make me sound vagely interesting.

EDIT: Am now on Twitter (oh dear), so go find me to check for updates: www(dot)Twitter(dot)com/FatPFishPoet

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