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From the time I was twelve, all I ever wanted to do was write. Four years later, I still have that dream. I have sucessfully written one book and am writing many others. I love what I do and do my best to adjust my life course around it. My books focus on characters who have attitudes even a bull wouldn't even go up against. They are also based on the people I see around me. These people, such as my mother and my best friends inspire me to do better in every way possible. Another thing about my characters is that they are all related in some way. Why? Because as corny as it sounds, we are all related in some way. One way that my characters are related are that they all reflect some aspect of me. I'm in high school so I find myself watching and observing the attitudes and talents of the people whom I come into contact with. One more year and I'll be writing books about the world outside of high school. The mysteries that you find in my books are works of my cynical imagination and too many cop shows like Law and Order and Monk. So to wrap this stupid rant up I'll just say to check out my stories and poems as well as criticize and/or review them. All opinions are welcome.

-- Lady Loveless

Age: 17

Likes: dancing, singing, sarcatic people, mean people, spongebob, sqidward, food, ummmm the list is too long

Dislikes: clingy people, brainless people, little sisters (mine), jersey shore...basically most things that make girly girls happy

Movies: eh, not big on them but i love Tangled, Zombieland, Megamind, Spongebob Movie, Killers, Cars and any other comedy/cartoon

About Me: I am 17 and very sarcastic/pessimistic but also largely loyal to those i love and the idiots i call my family. My stories all represent my saditic, pessimistic, and loco side. And yeah, some of them are depressing but oh well. if you dont like it, you can go screw yourself silly :)

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