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Amplify Love.
Despise Hate!

If it's not okay, then it's not the end.

I've built a wall, not to block people out, but to see who cares enough to climb over it.

"It's impossible." said pride. "It's risky." said experience. "It's pointless." said reason. "Give it a try." whispered the heart.

& My personal, favorite.

"I think that sometimes people are so blinded by an ignorant light that they fail to see the shades of gray that are so beautiful in the twilight" -My ex.

HEY WHASSUP HELLO. 21 year old me here, rewriting this once again.

I really don't ever wanna completely erase this bio bc as embarassing as it is it's who I was when I first started writing and I think that's cute in some way.

But yeah, I haven't written a lot at all lately, most of this is unfinished and absolutely terrible even though I thought I was awesome at the time, but I tried.

And it's still good for the most part, it just needs some help, so that's all.

Beware, absolute lameness occurs below. I'll get around to re-writing it sometime.

Ah, a new year, to write, explore, learn, make mistakes, learn from the mistakes, and such on.

Name, is a name truly important? I believe it is. "I forgot your name, you it shall now be Oi!"


(bleh names. yess Matty. As in Matt from Death Note, its a thing with my best friend)

I respond to pretty much anything.

Fifteen, yup that's the age. (need to re-write this...) I'm sixteen -.- (LOL I'm so lazy and I NEVER update this. 19 now lolol)

I really miss writing and being on here actively. Between work and life I've missed out on writing a lot but hopefully eventually I'll get back into it.

FanFiction Account: http://www.fanfiction.net/infinitychaos

DeviantART Account: http://

P.S Just in my opinion, I'd read my newer things.
When I first started out writing, the only thing I had to really go off of was Twilight( Eh: ) But then I got into reading more
adventure/mystery books, and developed a love for them, and I love writing them, so that's basically what my newer things are(:
But yeah, that's all(: (Eventually I will get around to re-writing some things like I did Simply Fate)

I wander this world.
Seeking his face.
So that once we finally meet.
We touch our lips together.
And become intertwined.
For all Eternity.

More Quotes:

"They say true love is suicide."

"Truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones worth suffering for. "

"it's completely and utterly crazy to love someone who's hurt you, right? but whats even crazier is to think that someone who hurts you loves you."

"In cyberspace, contact is anonymous .

We scream to avoid suffering in silence.

Relationships are a series of complex games.

We find strength in numbers.

Communicate, Any way, Any how.

Crash and Burn - Savage Garden."

"Today I found a friend,
Who knew everything I felt.
She knew my every weakness,
And the problems I've been dealt.
She understood my wonders,
And listened to my dreams.
She listened to how I felt about life and love,
And knew what it all means.
Not once did she interrupt me,
Or tell me I was wrong.
She understood what I was going through,
And promised she'd stay long
I reached out to this friend
To show her that i care
To pull her close and let her know
How much I need her there
I went to hold her hand
To pull her a bit nearer
And realized that this perfect friend I found
Was nothing but my mirror."


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