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My stories are copyrighted! If my stories are copied or plagerized in ANY WAY you can legally be pursued. So PLEASE DON'T STEAL MY STORIES! My agent says that if they are published they will have to be removed form this website and I would really like to let others enjoy my writing until everyone can actually buy the book! please dont ruin it for others!

!!Thank you!!

Hey FP!


I have been so busy with college that I completely fell of the bandwagon.

Oh how I have miss you so!!! I am back now!

I recently got a wattpad account (It's a lot harder for people to steal your stories) on this website. I really enjoy it and may stop publishing here. Although my heart will always be her considering this is the first place I published my stories.

Please if you can support my Wattpad account by visiting my books there it does a good job of calculating traffic I get from people reading my stories. I would really mean a lot to me! Her is the link:http:///user/write_read_love

I will say these stories will take time to develop and I can really use some advice on how its going throughout their progression reviews and constructive criticisms are welcome. Threatening hate letters or negatively aggressive comments, reviews and such are not welcome.

Please remember that while I would love for you to read this story from top to finish, please understand that I am not perfect, the characters aren't really and any stunts described should not be practiced. Also if you have a problem or negative attitude about my stories please practice your right to your own opinion but don't force it on my self or others. If were going to play together, we need to play nice, play fair and play respectful. If not...[delete,bye-bye comment.


Thank you for your time and have a pleasant evening.

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