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Well, Hi there and welcome to the weird, wonderful and wacky world of my stories.

I figured it time for my bio to sound somewhat mature now; so I shall try my best to do that.

So, I started writing when I was about 14, purely out of boredom but then soon discovered that I really enjoyed it, thus have taken it up as a hobby. Over the years, I'd like to think my styles and techniques have massively improved. I only have a few stories on here due to the fact that all my other ones are all handwritten. Majority of my stories are romance based with a lot of emotion and surprises I'd like to think; as well as some taking that much more a darker edge.

I hope that you all enjoy my stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them! And if you would be ever so kind to leave me a review, I will be extremely grateful!

Just a shout out to xThingsYou'llNeverKnowx who I hope one day will get round to uploading her stories too!

Thank you for taking the time to read; you're totally awesome!

Peace out!

vampireprincess19 x x

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