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Well I'm the writer Jessiy :)

Who are you? Jess... 18/f/uk, Blonde, short lol oh and green eyes :) Oh and that is me in the pic there

About you? I love Harry Potter and Twilight and I like the characters: Alice, Emmett, Hermione and Luna. I love the characters: Jasper, Edward, Fred (should not have died), George and Ron. I want to become a social worker and am currently in college to become one, writing's just a hobbie of minebut ya never know as I actually plan to continue writing, take a course in English and creative writing and write an autobiography so I might get my big break. I am almost always on my PC when not in colege or with friends. I'm married to two lovely women...nah, I'm only kidding as their two friends I say I am married to, I'm actually single and straight. I keep 3 goldfish and 2 rats, (tho there is 2 more rats and a dog that arnt mine). I love them dearly. They have mad names but for short my 2 girl rats are Honey and Olive, the fish are Ying, Yang and Sushi. I love to laugh, that's the main thing I'm looking for in a guy. I'm a bit of a geek for reading, writing and drawing but don't play many games. If we ever talk (message me!) ask how's Honey, she'll probs be on my lap when I read it!

Why are you here? Obv to write stories, make friends (So feel free to message me!) but mainly at the moment to read other people's fab work. I may, but I doubt it, even beta in time...but as I said, I doubt it, I'm no good haha.

Do you write much? I do I'm working on a story right now but it wont be published here (personal story) and I write fanfiction, all Harry Potter fan fic (I am auther Jessiy on HPFF- ). You may find my work slowly added, in fact I don't think I've got a story planned for here just yet. I write mad stuff, bewareI am dead excited to unleash my imagination, after only writing fanfic for ages, this will be new and interesting. I find random ideas come into my head loads so I keep a notebook by me always (you should see the state of them, you wont understand the scribbles!). Music helps me to, helps set my mood for me and the scene :).

Want to talk about any of your stories in more detail?Yes, as a matter of fact I'd love to. There is three I want to which are Heir' (not here), I'll show you'and 'Love works in mysterious ways' Lets begin with one of my favourites, 'Love works in mysterious ways'. Why is this my favourite? I hardly know since I'm not one for poems. I think it's because of the two main characters who are very sweet and opposite. The man is my fave, I remember seeing a guy who is a bit like him in my shopping centre and he just awed me with his style, courage and wowness.I'm the girl from it, back when I saw him I was the girl I discribe andI believe this piece makes you think it's all about the oppositeness, contrasting and even how unlikely things can happen. I'm going to write a story about it, hopefully.Another favourite is 'Heir' which is about two characters and their friends as they are teenagers. It is NOT a rip of Harry Potter or Twilight since I can't be doing with them types. Matt, one of the main two teenagers has a secret Felix, his girlfriend or anyone can't know. However, she'll find out when it comes looking for him and what will he do? There's a sort of spin off happening but neither are any way complete. The third one I'll talk about is I'll show you' and this is another poem which I have said in the past I'll have nothing to do with.This one is inspirationaland has come to me because of bullying, I have been bullying and hate it. This one mainly goes out to the bullied people/ bullies. Hope you enjoy :).

Tell the lovely readers about you and writing?They are lovely, aren't they? Okay, so I don't write much but when I do it's hard for me to stop lol. I enjoy (but am probably not good at) writing the start and naming characters. I have multiple methods for that parts that include naming websites, book characters, favourite names or even a name I feel suits or have to use. I hate all my work, I find I put everything in it but it feels rubbish, I give up on some but I do complete work designed for here, fanfiction or 'Heir' and 'Obsessive' and even if I don't like them I will keep them and continue working on them. I am slightly crazy and I think that comes across over this profile and my stories so that helps me enjoy and actually write, I think it's good when personality comes across in a person's work otherwise there is no truth or emotion and I'm bored witless. I come up with odd ideas/lines/characters for new/ present continuing stories that either don't work or I forget.Hobbies? I like music, writing, drawing, reading (fave's are fanfic, stories here, Twilight and Harry Potter). My friends are great and I do lots with them. College may seem like it takes over my life, and sometimes it does sigh because there is so much to do lol and it is very important for me.

Likes/dislikes? Okay, this is jumbled: I'm not a fan of poetry. Slash is interesting. I hate lies.Bullying over race or anything is not on, neither is bullying overall. Pleading to review, please don't but I do review reviewers, I like repaying reviews :). Love my pets. That's it for now :)

I think that's it apart from the fact this will change ALWAYS



Stories by moi on here: Because Love works in mysterious ways: The Story, Because Love works in mysterious ways: The Poem, Mum, I burnt the toast again, Essays of thoughts, I'll always love you, Plain Jane, I'll show you, A teenage crush

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