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ok...I don't know what people normally put on these things but...here goes nothing!

I've been reading stories on Fictionpress.com and for...a few years now. Never really posting anything, reviewing only when I was extremely interested with a story/writer or extremely disappointed by how an author had started with such a promising story and then RUINED it with grammar problems, rushing the end or-worse yet- the climax of the story. I even reviewed when I thought the story outline was great but the writer was so horrible that he/she (i'm guessing mostly shes because I stick to romantic stories...no offence to any guys out there who are closet romantics...there just aren't many that I know of) made unbelievable characters who would kick and scream at the smallest of things. I know, quite ridiculous sounding, because quite frankly only rich little brats get away with that, and they don't have real-teal friends. (ok yeah, I know that real-teal isn't really something that 'people' say but hey! true-blue, real-teal...sounds good enough for me!) Anyway fact of the matter is, I don't think I'm a great poet or even a good story writer, but since I have left several reviews -aka giving back more than I take, which up to this point has been not at all- I ask only that if you have a minute, review it! If you hate it and it sounds un-realistic, tell me, if you like it and think it could be go somewhere, click the magic button and type a few words (it doesn't have to be long, I just have to get the gist of whether you actually like it or not :) ) so yes, those are the words I have to say about reviewing. Now as for me, I'll just say five facts that may give you a general idea of the type of person I am.

1) I tend to go off on tangents...when I'm the only one speaking. Unfortunately since you're actually reading this and not talking to me, there's not a whole lot you can do about this, though I have started marking when I'm going to go on a tangent, either with a dash at the beginning and end of the tangent or just the tangent in parenthesis as you probably (ok PO-ssibly) noticed in the upper paragraph.

2) Everything I write will most likely be about love in some way or another. Because I love love.

3) My favorite book is Pride & Prejudice-which is important only because growing up I watched the 6-hour version as often as my family would allow, and because I obtained a old British accent and couldn't say 'aRRRe' for the first five or six years of my life.

4) I am currently taking a writing class, so if you notice me improve a little here and there, do not be alarmed (madame...hehe-ok it's an excerpt from P&P, if you didn't know. The beginning of Mr. Darcy's letter to be exact.)

5) I dislike cursing very much. Extremely. I kind of hate it actually. Just thought you should know this so that out of respect you could-if possible-refrain from swearing in any reviews.

Yup, yup! that's it! thanks for reading this and paying spacial attention to no. 5 if at all possible. If you don't read this, I completely understand; I don't read them until I've read and enjoy at least two of the author's stories. I don't have two stories up. I don't even have one up.

Something you should know about:

You come to my mind- it's not a really typical poem, it's supposed to be like a blues-y song type of poem so...it's not exactly compressed like most poems.

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