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hey so i dont really like to write stories, but when something does come to mind, i can only do one at a time. now im doing a naruto fanfiction on fanfiction.net and that has all my attention. if you want to check it out: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8668305/1/Livin-the-Dream

i have a deviant art with the same username: http:///

my tumblr also has the same name, but i prefer you check out my not personal one- this link is to the one with doodles by me and my buddies: http:///

im also taking ap english language right now and im sorta excited to take the ap test in may :) my teacher says its ok to break the rules of grammar as long as you know what rules you're breaking, and i really liked that advice, so im repeating it here. :) and i am a grammar natzi, just saying.

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