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Age: 17, turning 18 in a few months

Sex: Female

Religion: None. I'm a godless heathen.

Location: Hell at the moment

The core reason for me taking up writing stories is mainly to improve my English. I've heard many say that if you practise writing stuff your power over the language would improve drastically. I've written a few stories (most of which have been deleted out of shame) since 8th grade and compared my vocabulary and expression to that of my previous works and I have actually noticed the change blatantly glaring at my face. So, please give this amateur writer a chance! :)

EDIT: 3/7/12 - I'm alive! Hurray! Sorry, though. :P

EDIT: 8/3/11 - Yes, I've been hiding for nearly two years but I frankly don't have any sob stories to entertain you with. I've tried my best for these two years to come up with something that's up to my standards, which were unrealistically high before so I've kicked it down a notch to a reasonable level so that I can start off from there and work hard to improve. Unfortunately, that is not the exact reason why I left this site. Of course, I never stopped thinking up new stories - I even have a few written up on my hard drive but all of them are either incomplete or not up to the mark.

Again, that's not the reason why I left. Although I must warn you that there's no glorified excuse for my absence.

It's because of lack of imagination (not motivation!). I have several plot bunnies constantly nagging my brain but I don't have the right tools, nor do I have any knowledge on how to go about using them, to nurture these babies into a full-fledged story with plot, characters and a conclusive ending.

Really, I have this horror story that's kind of a parody of Twilight (pestered by friends) and I have several events in my brain which are just rotting there. I've only written the beginning and the ending, the middle part I'm entirely blank about. I have no way to link the few events that are inside my head.

Well, it doesn't matter to me anymore. I've already given up on that story (for now) and am now writing an angst/romance story. Hopefully it will fetch some positive comments because I'm really not that much of a fan of romance, but the plot was good enough to work with. Besides, it's not entirely romance. Most of the story's about mending destroyed relationships, not necessarily romantic ones, and personality development.

Long story short, I'm too lazy to think lol.

Thank you for reading this well overdue message. I don't expect you to agree with my line of thought but well, to each their own I guess?

PLEASE NOTE: English is NOT my first language so any grammatical errors you might find in my stories are just a product of my own ignorance. So feel free to point out as many contradictions or errors you can find. I'd be extremely grateful! :D

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