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I don't like profiles. Oh well! A little bit about me. Somewhat.


Well, um, okay. Here I go.

For barty trilogy, i like the series, but i don't like the way ppl write fanon, not to say it's bad, just to say i don't like the sentence structure, adn the p.o.v's, and the way they weite it. djinni, for example.

For arty fowl, another series i like, but it the ttp was boring. and why has artemis been 14 for 3 years? and why is he ALWAYS thinking about girls and guilty for holly? i know about puberty, but gee wiz! the 5th one was good, but relaly had no point. the 4th one, i liked, but the ending was boring. oh well! it had to be there. the 3rd one, exciting, but i didn't pay attention much, and didn't like the end. it was so dramatic. the second one was also boring, and to me had no point at all. the first one was good, but artemis contradicts every word that he said about himself in the other books.

For lotr, duh! good! but, also, very, very, VERY boring.

For inheritance, good, but plagiarized.

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