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Planned Stories:

'Draco Sinclaire-Vampyre'

Genre: Comedy/Adventure/Action

Plot: Draco Sinclaire, a young vampyre with a bit of influence in the Underworld, is suddenly whisked out of his calm life in London when a hunter comes crashing through his door. He flees across England with his servant, Jon, (Who looks remarkably like Ryan Ross) and with the hunter in hot pursuit. In the process, he finds clues to the mystery of both his and his parent's death and his rebirth as a vampyre.

Start: October 5th, 2011

End: ???

Reccomended for: Anti-Twilighters (There's a bit of humanxvampire bashing so if you support human/vampire love you may get annoyed), Those who would like to see Dracula with a bit of Lestat mixed into his personality, Fans of Kuroshitsuji

What has been completed so far:

Just entered the traveling Arc, Chapter 13

'The Scene Kids are Rebelling'

Genre: Comedy




Reccomended For:

What has been completed so far:

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