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Hey there readers I'm Stretch!

I love reading probably more than I should, but what is too much?

I'm kind of passing my time reading on the site, I've made it into an art form!

I'm really into supernatural and romance books if you haven't guessed from all my favourites but I have a soft spot for teacher/student and brother's best friend stories, so if you have any recommendations feel free to message me.

More about me?

I love every kind of music as long as it's got words and a beat I'll listen to it. Right now I'm really into Korean / Japanese RnB, Paramore and Flyleaf, Coheed and Cambria and 30 seconds to Mars (check them out if you've never listened they're great)!

Movies come right behind books in my weird little world. No chick flicks though, even though I'm a chick, I need explosions and fighting to keep me awake. I have no one fave movie because to me every film has it's own quirks just like books.

Right as for writing my own stories I'm dipping my feet in there, I'm kinda at the stage where I'm rewriting everything I've done cos I've looked back and gone 'what the hell was I thinking'. But my stuff might be more suited to fanfiction (i go by the same name over on fanfiction), I'm not sure? Hopefully though I might put some of my stuff up for you guys to read, I'll keep you informed.

As for everyone out there write like you mean it and no-one can keep you down!!

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