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I am not a writer, however, a story has been born in my mind and one day it just jumped onto paper, well, it became digital anyway. this story is the bastard son of an orgy between unfathomable boredom, dissatisfaction, experience, logic, insanity, reality and my dreamy mind. It shall be called Shimbalama. If you would like to read I would love any feedback you have, if you could be a little more constructive than - good work !! that would be great. I would really like to hear about teh things you didn't like.

My thoughts, actions and writing are awash with ambiguity.

That said, heres a quick disclaimer.

1. I can’t spell. Never could, never will be able. My Mum (yes we spell Mum like that in Australia) blamed spell check, however, as I have now studied enough Neural Science to be able to honestly tell you that I have an extremely good understanding of how little I know about Neural Science, I doubt this is true. We all have various abilities; abilities derive of our genetic makeup, life experience and a certain amount of randomness. Listed among mine are various abilities that make my life quite enjoyable. Spelling is NOT one of those. Indeed I find the whole concept of correct spelling a little bit of a wank. Rules, I have long said, are the stuff noobs are made of. Furthermore, no one can decide on said rules. Australian and British rules are different enough, but then look at the huge discrepancy with American rules…. Bah. Now consider what these rules were 100 yrs ago and what they are likely to be 100 yrs from now. Said “rules” are far from set in stone. When we read, we don’t tend to read. We skim. We look at the start and end of a word and decide what it is based on the context. This was well illustrated by a popular email fwd a few years ago. I hope you got it cuz ( cuz = because, abbreviated by the net based youth who destroy/evolve this insanely beautiful language) I lost mine. All of the above doesn’t much affect my writing, I use spell check. The Australian one. I have no issue with switching to the American one, Australia was just default. What is does affect is the following.

2. Homonyms. Homonyms are where I really come undone. I’m a serial mis-homonymer. The poor little fella’s never even see me coming. I really do appreciate all the homonym spotting you guys do for me and every time a new batch comes in I go through and correct them.

3. Hyphens I don’t much care for. They’ll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.

4. People who read two words of my first chapter then post a big vague review about how much they liked it just so that they can get a review piss me off. You know who you are.

5. Nietzsche killed Christianity. When will it have the grace to die? Damn, Nietzsche did away with belief itself. By this I mean, if you disagree with the above statements and prefer the teachings of any given paranoid ostrich, you probably won’t enjoy my work.

In the infamous words of some drunk I once met - Good health, good fortune and f#@k well. Liam

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