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i wear glasses without lenses and stay up all night dreaming of dreams. i have a notebook where every other page is his name and sleeping in is impossible. because i was born on a may sunrise and was doomed to a life of cliches and words that don't make sense.

i'm not a prep, i'm not an emo, i'm not a jock, i'm not a nerd, i'm an ericka. ericka's like coffee, reading, rain, notebooks with torn pages, music, movies, saturday morning cartoons, yogurt, sarcasm, animals, soccer, and people with dreams. ericka's say rawr constantly, pretend to be ninjas and wizards, and doodle robots and hearts on their math homework. they speak their minds and are often scolded for it, but that never stops them. erickas are artists and photographers and writers and they become easily love sick, but never get sick of love.

heyheyhey, look, here we are and she wants to tell you a story

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