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Eyrine PM
Joined Sep '09

Age: 24

I made this profile to keep track on stories I like and maybe post some of my stories as well. Somehow, I have started writing a lot of stories through the years, but I never really kept it up to the point of completing a story. Currently I don't have the time either. Too many engineering stuff to do. Ideas for stories come and go, and even when I get hyped and write all day, the hype eventually dies because I run out of inspiration.

Random stuff about me:

I'm probably one of the most quiet and shy people you'll ever meet, or at least that's what I'm told all the time. I love hot coffee early in the morning. I'm also a very good cook and I enjoy constantly looking for new recipes. I have a boyfriend for 7 years now which I love. I also love cats, and all kinds of pets, but especially cats. I live with my family, 2 cats, and 3 adult red eared-slider turtles. I'm a huge fan of anime and Japanese culture and (guess what) I dream of visiting Japan one day. I like video games, especially Final Fantasy and all those nostalgic Playstation games. I do play some MMOs now and then. I'm currently studying computer engineering. I like Kpop, and I collect mugs.

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