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UzumakiMatsurika 21 yrs old.

I love to read and write. But hardly have the time to do my personal hobbies.

I also love manga. Especially yaoi! There not enough to go around though.

My number one idol (not a real person) will have to be Uzumaki Naruto. There's nothing I do not like about him!

Put this on your
page if you love

I can't understand many things, they have to be clear and straight to the point. But thats weird because my stories are sometimes twisted and abnormal.

I have more stories in these websites (same pen name):



There's nothing really exciting about myself to fill your ears. I would really appreciate if you could take an amount of your time to ready stories and leave an honest opinion! Thank You!

UPDATE: sorry for never updating my shit I always forget and the inspiration is little to none I have the story already just gotta do it.!!! Super busy with school I will get back on it I know I get disappointed cuz Of stories never finished.

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