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Priscilla. 27. Music lover. Amateur writer. Plain. Simple. Creative. Wife. Mommy.

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2/24/2015- I've begun prepping my first complete story "If He's Satisfied" for publication as an ebook! Follow me on Twitter for more details.

3/14/2016- "If He's Satisfied" has been removed aside from chapter one because this story is in the process of being self-published. Depending on the reception for "When He's Satisfied" (the sequel) that story will stay on FP until I decide whether or not to remove it for publishing as well.

7/15/2016- Updating stories that were previously on hold.

12/11/2016- I gave birth on 11/27/16 and the love for my son has inspired me to pick up where I left off and write again. Also got an idea for a new dark story but I'm not sure I want to start it because I have so many unfinished. Thoughts? Give me your thoughts and i'll be grateful.

2/23/2018- I've begun updating again! "Falling" is going to be going through a rewrite. And my rewrite of "If He's Satisfied" is over and I may post back on FP. Check out my newest creation "Come to Me."

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