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Hi!! I use this account to track/archive stories that I read. I'm not much of a writer but there is a chance that I might try posting something in the future. Personally, I love to read the amazing stories that these talented writers produce. :)

I usually read continuously. I try finish stories in one sitting, I get hooked.

Also, I am a bit impatient so most of the stories that I read/favorite are complete.

One issue that seems to be sweeping through fictionpress is plagiarism. I find this issue upsetting because I love reading stories posted here. It's terrible when authors have to choose to take down their work or leave fictionpress, to save their work. I've seen many of my favorite authors leave because of this issue. I hope that in the future, the authors will not have to make this choice.

Even though I don't post anything of my own-- I hope that some of you find this account helpful when you are in search of a new story to read. \\

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