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"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor."

My life and love belong to Jesus Christ. He is so amazing. I love Him more than words can describe. On 09/28/13, He saved me from the depression I had suffered from for seventeen years. My savior is my everything. Nothing comes before my God. He loves us so much, so unconditionally, and so deeply. Jesus is my everything, and he loves you and thinks you're amazing. If you don't know him, I beg you to make that decision to let him into your life. Don't let misrepresentation draw you away from the God who adores you. It may sound too good to be true, but it is the ultimate truth. You can do nothing better than to get to know God for who he is, because it will transform your life in ways you never imagined, and you will know what it is to be truly loved. x3

My passions: acting, directing, and writing. With an amazing team and the help of God, we made a film called Because We Are Heroes. The profits went to Love 146 to fight human trafficking. The trailers can be seen here and here, and eventually the film will be a book as well. :) Our second film from Thunderstruck Productions is called Twist. That trailer is available here. Follow our Facebook and Youtube pages to get updates on that film and all future projects, especially Out of the Woods, which we are currently in the process of filming! There will be a book version of Out of the Woods and BWAH, so keep an eye on this page for that! :)

I'm also a professional fabric mermaid tail maker and custom Funko pop artist. Information for my shop, Seaside Fairytales, can be found at any of these links: Etsy Instagram Facebook Youtube

I support a charity called Love 146, which rescues and rehabilitates children who are victims of child trafficking. Please take a second to check them out. . My poem Lifeless Eyes is dedicated to those children.

I'm on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

xoxox and God bless.

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