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that awkward moment you return to fictionpress and you have no idea why you removed stories that personally you have no idea/cant remember why you deleted them in the first place? What!?! That has never happened to you? Uh.. er.. yeah t-thats weird.. Silly thing for me to say... never happened to me either... :s Btdubs I am now just going to plaster all my ideas onto this site, mostly because I can't seem to finish stories when I get a idea for another one. People who reveiw a story will be like "Y U NO WRITE?" and Id be like "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THE NARGOLS ARE COMING" Oh also I decided that havent updated for like 2 years... so I decided awe eff et Ill just add 3 new stories and 6 chapters to an old story why not? I wonder if any old fans will have heart attacks? *thinks about heart attacks. Oh and by the way... reviews make me happy and when I am happy... I update *wink wink* UPDATE:. I have 9 stories up here and 24 stories currently being written... SO LAY OFF *growls Nah JK! review? *trolface

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