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lets seen... for any of the people who actually bother reading these things heres a few things about me:

Name: Rhiannon Michelle C.

Age: 14

Likes: reading, writing, slash, femslash, cheasy food, watching movies, showers, coffee & tea, chocolate, english class, my friends, watching tv, sappy romance, sarcasam, my cell phone for it is beautiful, drinking lots of water, listening to music

Dislikes: homophobes, home improovement shows, anything Twilight related, reading het, Justin Beber, things with no plot, stories with way to many characters, writers block, most of the time my parents, people in general (though I make exceptions)

Stories: Inspire Me: inspired by my own writers block. I doubt anybody will read it but that might just be part of my weird insacuraty thing...

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