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Ahh.. This is so empty. It's quite pretty. What to write and what should be held back... It's always so much fun to start describing yourself! I wonder if that makes me a self-absorbed person. Oh well. I'll start with a generic list that I've cheerfully stolen from one of my best friends, Twila Starla.

The Person Behind The Pen... Uh, Screen.

Real Name: Alexis Renee

Age: Currently 19.

Birthday: October 8th.

Gender: Female (pretty sure on this)

Location: Southern Louisiana, USA

Motto: "Que sera, sera. Unless you're like me and are ADD"

Hobbies: Reading, writing, video-editing, singing, listening to music, daydreaming when I should be doing something else, but I find that something else really boring, and talking with my friends on the internet for countless hours.

Pets: There's currently five named cats. (I say named, because I don't count the motley assortment of strays that straggle into our farm.)

Family: I think they're around here somewhere. -checks under the sofa cushion- Here they are!

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