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Well, hello to you who clicked on the link leading to my Fiction Press profile! WELCOME! =D

The last time I updated this was back in...February. The 4th. 2010. I know. It's been a while. And no one enjoys an outdated profile, do they?


Here, on the internet, you can address me as Underwaterwriter, or just call me Uww or Underwater for short. I have spent a whole chunk of time on Fanfiction ever since the movie "How to Train Your Dragon" was released. I am surrounded by three wonderful Fiction Press friends of whom I know in real life: Willowbranch1995, stillmysunshine and Catnip-Packet. Writing is one of my passions, the other is music.

This may sound strange, but I honestly can't stand books. They disappoint me. A lot of them do. I think that authors nowadays are trying to be too creative, and well, it's been a while since I've found a book I liked.

I like looking into the Action, General, Fantasy, Biography, Humour and Romance archives when I scope around for things to read on FictionPress. I don't exactly have any favourite book authors yet, right now I devote my time to reading a lot of non-fiction, such as my Science and Math textbooks... and trust me, I find them somewhat interesting.

Thanks for visiting this profile! Enjoy the stories below you now and have an awesome day! =D

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