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My name is Samantha and I am part German hence the name of GermanSam.

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Checkers: Soon-to-be 18 year old Francesca is most commonly known as Checka. She grew up without a home and knowing nothing about her deceased mother. Well aware that she will never be adopted before she reaches adulthood, she is surprised when she receives a letter from her grandmother. Francesca is suddenly whisked away into a life she never even imagined. She discovers that she is descended from a line of royalty and is expected to rule a country she has no knowledge over. It isn’t an easy task as she learns that she has to win the crown in a battle against two other lines of royalty. Her checkered past is not good material to rely on when trying to be a princess. Will she succeed or have to return to America and the life she so desperately wanted to escape?

Cupid's Granddaughter: Amore, Liebe, Amour, No matter what language you say it in it means love and it's my job. My grandfather is Cupid and he's hired me as his newest apprentice against my own will. The hours suck and there's one rule: I'm not allowed to fall in love myself. Seems like a piece of cake since I'm so good at this matchmaking stuff. Grandfather has told everyone that as soon as he thinks I'm ready, he's going to retire. I have one final challenge before Grandfather would feel comfortable setting me loose. I have to find a soul mate for a fallen angel, the only immortal thing allowed to live on Earth. Easier said than done.
First in the 'Cupid' series...

Athena's Enigma : Athena’s daughter, Avena (Vee), has a unique gift of being able to read minds. She doesn’t want this special power that has been bestowed upon her unwillingly and just strives to be normal. Vee is a secret to everyone in Olympus so she isn’t allowed go into the mortal world to expose the secret Athena has so desperately tried to keep from everyone. But when Vee strives for normality in her abnormal world, how can her loving mother deny her of a wish? Is it possible for a gifted immortal to live in peace with mortals? Is Cupid really done playing his games or will another immortal only bring back his desire for a cure to boredom? Only time will tell…
Second in the 'Cupid' series...

Roman Roommate: Evie wants nothing to do with the romance business. Love will come along when it does and she does not want to be told otherwise. Her fallen angel boss has a son coming into town for business. Needing a place to stay, Evie's boss begs her to let her son stay with her while he is in town. Come to find out, Evie has met this mysterious new roommate of hers before. Through a series of odd events, Evie and this new friend grow closer despite the fact that Evie is trying her best to keep them apart. Can she stand the tension even after they learn that they are from two totally different worlds? Is his 'business' in town really just that? What game is Cupid playing at now?
Third in the 'Cupid' series...

Cupid Collections: Take a trip back in time and every time in-between including all the couples we've come to know and love. This is to be a collection of little one-shots or scenes from the lives of all the characters in the previous three novels. Starting from the very beginning with Eros and Psyche, we will relive important scenes in the lives of the characters including: the marriage of Peyton and Nate, the birth and young lives of Logan and Evie, the lives of Evie and Jay and Logan and Vee after the novels, and every moment in between!
Fourth and final in the Cupid Series...
In progress...

Virtual Reality: Melody was just a simple girl who would prefer playing the newest video game than doing anything else. Her world revolved around her virtual adventures. Melody's best friend, on the other hand, wanted the real deal and when a letter comes inviting them to go on a 'quest' how can Melody say no? What she doesn't know is that she will be thrust into a world no video game designer could ever imagine and along with her best friend and brother, they must complete the quest to get back home. Can they do it or will the forces against them never let them leave?
Complete! (Finally)

The Heart Breaker Association: Charlie (Charlotte) is in the business of breaking men’s hearts to make them become better, wholesome, husband material men. She begins a secret club of girls who disguise themselves to take down some of the biggest jerks out there. It’s only after being assigned her toughest case yet, does she take on the challenge herself. Disguising herself to be ugly and un-presentable, she challenges her college's biggest player to have a relationship with her. Can she follow her own rules and not fall in love?

An Unsteady Affair: Adella "Ella" Porter had the perfect boyfriend. Royce Meyers was sweet, caring, and everything that girls dream about. No one could believe that she had scored such a catch ever since her parents' divorce had really affected her ideal of love. So when Royce breaks up with Ella for a new job in a whole new state, she waits to tell her family. There was no harm in not telling right away for they had their lives and Ella had hers. Holidays come and go and there was never a right time to tell her family for they would always ask how she kept such a perfect man around and when she, in fact, hadn't That led her to conceal the truth for about a year. Now, her sister is getting married and her family expects to see Ella and Royce still happily in love with one another. To Ella, there is only one logical solution: come clean and tell the truth. The only problem is that it would take away from her sister's big day and the whole vacation would become a complicated mess. Ella's friend, Lacey, decides to look up Royce and finds that he's moved back to town. Now there's a new idea, convince Royce to play her boyfriend for two weeks on an all-expense paid vacation. How can he say no? How can old feelings not resurface? How many problems can arise before the wedding or worse, during?
In progress...

Announcement: All of my stories were removed from here due to major plagiarism concerns and issues. I'm sorry for the inconvience. If you want to ready any of the stories above, you can click on them down below and there will be a link for all of them!

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