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Girl ~ 18 ~ And I live off rice crispies and cola and cigarettes.

I live in London. I have a cockney accent.

My stories are just for fun and practice.

I love originality. Actually, I really love originality.

I try to strive for this in my writing.

My writing is my absolute life. Do what you want to me, strip me of any dignity of your choice, but at least give me a writing pad and pen.

I have a very big imagination- that's a warning.

I like to write crazy

You won't find any other stories like mine, I think one can safely deduct that, if anything.

I write Boy's Love or non-conventional relationships because I find it gives me a lot of freedom when writing. And I'm so bored with cliches...

Aren't you?

They revolve around terror and political ideology to name a few things.

Any harsh critisism dealt out by me is done out of love and kindness, not meanness.

If you would like me to read and critique anything, or at least even give it a nice review, I'd be happy to do so, just message me.

~ Otherwise, enjoy! ~


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