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Hi... my name is White but... Can you guess my name? C_ _i_ _ _ _ _ _ a_ C_ _ _ _ _ _ g

Tell your answer now!

I have other plans. I have stories to write...

Here are my stories

this is my very first...

The Four Elements

Summary: When Tina found her old friend, NJ (who left her unexpectedly for 3 years), they find themselves trapped in a prophecy of the Four Rulers of the Elements. What would Tina do with her classmates who just turned into Special Ability Humans (SAH). These are humans who had unexpected and inhuman abilities that suddenly happen when a person is 13 years of age. Tina wasn't born that way and neither NJ was but all the other classmates and most of the people in the world are. Also, the Master has returned together with his Most Trusted Cronies (MTC) and his Slaves (S). His First MTC also returns, as if he was reborn in some way and both Tina and NJ has a deal with him. Would the Four Rulers defeat the Master as Tina and NJ defeat the First MTC and the others do their best to defeat their enemies? Find out.

This has become my Second but I've been planning how the world looks like at that time...

As Master and Guardian...

Summary: It all started when the continent named Eslangia has been at war for a million years already (from 2.0 M to 3.0 M) between the poor and the rich. Masters have been planning on something that they were trying to fix for a long time but just recently. Tristesse wondered why it all began. She decides to become a Guardian of Master Darton, a close friend of hers but... as they realize that they love each other, they finally knew it was forbidden, for she was born from a poor woman and Darton, was born from the rich. Will their love ever be free once this war is over? Read on.

I'm also planning on a new story but I guess I'm doing three at a time... _


Summary: Aquina was never the type of girl to believe such happy endings in fairy tales and has a deal in believing in the real life. She is much of an Outcast even if she has friends, which one of them wasn't her real friend at all. One day, she walks into a sari sari store, where she finds an old woman selling notebooks and Aquina decided that she'll buy one. After that... what happens next...?

and after I post the 30th chapter for The Four Elements, I'll be updating this:

The Hopeless Romantics

Summary: After picking up a business card and having an encounter of a rapist and a girl named Rebecca Firewood; Tiana decides to join the Hopeless Romantics Club. However, Tiana gets an enigmatic feeling of her best friend Ria, the most popular girl in school. Tiana dares to find out why Rebecca and Alice III dislike her best friend, Ria. In the process, Tiana discovers Rebecca’s rapist. Do the rapist and Ria have a connection? Find out.

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