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My name is Summer and I've got great eyes. Thus, the name SummerEyes was born.

Things You Should Know:

That first part was an utter and complete lie. My name is Olivia, actually, but I think Summer would be a pretty dope name. I'm a twenty-one year old female living in the heart of sunny Florida, although I'd rather be living in California. Also, my eyes aren't that great. They're a light brown color with flicks of gold in them. Yawn!

I'm a bit of a gamer. I'm addicted to the fallout series, fable, Saints Row, Titan Quest, and The Sims. RPG's, First Person shooters, Action-Adventures are usually my thing but you can always catch me playing the classic arcade games.

I'm a crap writer, but I'm willing to embarrass the hell out of myself by letting you all read my stories. Musicals, Horrors and romantic comedy's are on the top of my movie list. I also enjoy dancing in private and pretending I'm in an iPod commercial.

Music sets the mood to my ... well, everything! Everything I create, write or come up with has been and is always inspired by a song or album. Maybe I should seek a career in music? Ah, only if I had the talent!

Want to talk to me elsewhere? PM anytime or follow my tumblr. I'm a bit angry on my personal but seriously, I'm actually really nice.

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