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Dear reader or writer!

My name is Mira and I'm 23 years old... I was used to live in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Germany. It is beautiful there, mostly green and a lot of water.

But now I live faaar away, because I'm studying psychology in Austria! It's beautiful too.. the mountains and all!

I read almost 75 per cent of my favorite stories.. If there are any questions about myself or the stories I reviewed to or my fav's, I will answer as quickly as I can!

Have a nice day! ;-)


Notes about my Fav's:

The Champagne Gang by punkturnedwriter. Really amazing story about Summer and her problems on a new school,

which is only for the Rich. A great development, deep thoughts! And of course, a happy ending.

The Mating by charliej. My judgement: really talented writers, interesting plot, worth the time to read it!

He Punks Me Not is a really great story BUT with a sad ending! Please be careful, when you are in love trouble!

She Had Somewhere To Go - a story about a young girl leaving with a childhood friend, you know, he was into her but she didn't saw it..

now they are having some relationship but interesting to read. A light-hearted story with some sexual influences. I nominated the story for SKoW because it's wonderful! EDIT: Yeah, she won!!

Welcome to Heartbreak by Nereids...my judgement: a wonderful, dramatic story about a maid, which is thousand times better than the other members in this house, is in love with the forbidden son of her boss...

Fists and Lipsticks by hiro0911.. I'm near the end and this story is wonderful! Please, give it a try! It's about a gang in Japan, a lot of criminals, motorracing and -the- first love...

... well, what to say: read them or get yourself very bored!


Wonderful authors

Tijan with her great story: Sentiment Lost

Nereids with her wonderful stories, especially: Welcome to Heartbreak

S.L. Gunn with her really sweet story: She Had Somewhere To Go

Vena Cava is really funny, try her stories! Please check out Chelle Mitchiter, too! She is great!


A WONDERFUL STORY TIP: when you have a lot of time to fill:

I. La Cinq by Call me when you're rich (it's a entire story in their own world, without any mistakes or idiocy from the content- there is a second and third part!)

II. Chase and Etta and after this

III. Behind the Mask: Chase's Storyalso wonderful, I love the end!

-- UPDATE: I'm sorry to say BUT Call me when you're rich deleted her stories... Really tragic!!! :-( --


Wonderful old music

Led Zeppelin -- Baby, I'm Gonna Leave You

The Rolling Stones -- Laugh I Nearly Died

Citizen Cope -- Sideways

Chris Cornell -- Billie Jean Cover

Fleet Foxes -- Mykonos

Jose Gonzalez -- Heartbeats

Lynyrd Skynyrd -- Simple Man

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