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A little about me. Well I've been writting for a years but never brave enough to actually allow someone to read it. So I found Fictionpress after writting on fan fiction for a couple of months. I wanted to see what people thought of my own work and not characters from others. So please let me know what you think, what I need to improve on. I like all supernatural story lines. Of course with the twilight phenom sweaping the country I'm a twihard girl. I also love buffy and angel, vampire diaries (way before everyone else got into them. Back when they came out and I was in school.), Underworld, and so on. I love to read and creative writting is my favorite past time.

So check out the story and let me know.

I love reviews just like everyone else so check out my forum http://www.fictionpress.com/forum/Review_Zone/4463/

I love the fact that people make my story or someone's story their favorite but wouldn't it be nice to tell the author why it's your favorite? Or when you leave a review actually write one that is one. Not just something you can PM like "Can't wait! update soon." What's up with that?

Hey everyone just wanting to let you know that the coupling is going to go through a rewrite soon.
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