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I'm SasuNaru2themax. I've got an account on fanfiction.net as well and I've had this account but never used it because -as you can tell by my name- I've not really ventures into normal fictions, since they were harder to find and define.

AGE: 17

NAME SasuNaru2themax (or Scott)

GENDER: Female -or gay man trapped in a woman's body, whatever works for you-

Sexual Preference: Bi-sexual, more to choose from.

I'm currently 17, just dropped out of college to join a different one and my dad is starting to talk to me again after 3 months of silence...mainly because my mum had a massive rant at him for being selfish and ignoring me. I know where he was coming from and my dads a bit of a girl emotion wise and I'm not. He wanted me to do my A-levels in Chemistry, Biology, Maths and stuff and i got the first three started and then Psychology and H+SC (i know, FIVE), but...yeah, I realised FUCK IT and dropped out and i'm going to be doing a BTEC in IT. Isn't that different? Oh well, this is my way of venting.

I have male on male fictions waiting to be posted but I also have a few male and female type ones going on...ok, like 2? But thats enough considering i generally don't write any normal fictions.

I wanted to learn to use LiveJournal but...again, i had to give up on that dream since it made NO SENSE! I have not a clue how to work that blimmin' system! I can read but that's about it! :P Oh well.

Damn, i also had my damn setting all disabled... annoying...

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