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Hmm...I really should do something with this space. I know, I'll tell yas a little about me. I like to write (specially slash) and my dog totally looks like Falcor. Nailed it. Places you can find me outside of Fictionpress:

Patreon: patreon(dot)com(slash)spleentectonics (which is where the rest of RHGtM will be posted)

Dreamwidth: spleentectonics(dot)dreamwidth(dot)org

Tumblr: spleentectonics(dot)tumblr(dot)com

Feel free to drop by and ask me stuff. Even classic hits like Are You Dead? and When Are You Going To Update?

Rory Harper's Guide to Mating

What to say about this one? Well, werewolves. C'mon that's worth a click -mumbles- and a review? Anyway, I starting thinking this story was kinda dumb way back in the first draft (the one on here is like the first-and-a-half draft XD), but I thought screw it, I was having fun writing it. Speaking of that, you guys apparently thought it wasn't utter crap. Thanks for the loverly reviews, guys!

Supernatural Self-Help

This is where I'm going to dump all of of my non-Rory POV shorts from the RHGtM-verse. You know, when I get around to finishing them. So, like, sometime before the next ice age.

The Spoon-Fed Dog Chronicles

The SFDC stories center around a group of plucky teens who investigate the weird and strange happenings in their hometown of Wisteria. It's kind of a like Scooby Doo, but without all the real estate fraud. Or maybe there is real estate fraud. Oooo, read and find out. I'm planning on having two main series (the SFDC being one) with a bunch of one shot side stories that all take place in this seriously messed up universe. The tone for these stories is also darker than RHGtM, so keep the content warning in mind.

SFDC Side Stories

#1 Faith in a Through Street

(6/1/20) Chapters 20 through 29 of RHGtM have been posted. And a Piper POV one-shot has been posted in Supernatural Self-Help.

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