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Well...what should I say? I'm a 15 year old guy in my sophomore year at high school. I like almost any RPG, but my current favorites are Final Fantasy games (or and Squaresoft game, for that matter...especially Xenogears! That game rocks!) and Star Ocean: The Second Story. I like anime, especially Dragon Ball Z and Gundam Wing. I'm also partial to Digimon, however I still find it fun to bash Digimon sometimes.However, I am a large hater of Pokemon. Death to them. As of now I mainly plan to write humor, but who knows? I may eventually try a drama or action story, but that decision still has to be made.

I put my AIM name on, it should be there. Feel free to IM me if I am on and/or add me to a Buddy List. However, for the sake of my sanity, please adhere to this request:
PLEASE don't nag me! If I am on the Internet to do something school-related or something, then I may not wish to talk. Respect my right to privacy or else I will lose my mind and explode, meaning you won't get any more fanfics from me.

Fanfics In Progress:

Cloud Tribal's MST of FFIX
Status: 3 Chapters Complete, #4 In Progress

FF9: The Weakest Link 2
Status: 7 Chapters Complete, #8 In Progress
Currently Writing: Sequel to "Friendly Battles You Just Won't Find"

Note: I plan to write a few Xenogears fics soon, anyone got ideas?

BIG Note: Sorry about the lack of updates, it getting harder and harder to find time to write this stuff! Rest assured that I will do my best to deliver quality fanfiction as much as possible.

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