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Diana PM
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Felt it was about time I updated my biography, so here goes. *smile*

I'm in my twenties and have been writing fanfic (for fun) for the past four years. I'm a big fan of anything fanciful really and enjoy Labyrinth, Hercules/Xena, The Pretender and Early Edition, just to name a few favorites. I am also a POTO, 10th Kingdom and Forbidden Game fan (obviously). When I'm not writing, I am never far from a stage, whether on it or watching it. I also enjoy music, gabbing with friends, reading and swimming. It sounds like I'm filling out a personal ad, doesn't it? *grin*

But seriously, what I love most of all is talking with friends and fellow fans to share our mutual interests. I'm very flattered by all the people who have taken an interest in what's here, you guys ROCK and especially passing on the treasures I've found over the years in my trove of fanfiction.

Thanks a mil!


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