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Medusa's.Protege PM
Joined Dec '09

I love to sing and act.

Favorite color: Midnight Blue

Favorite show: I narrowed it down to 2: THE NANNY and BONES.

Favorite food: Chinese, Italian, and African

I'm an ecology maniac. Don't let me catch you littering! :)

I'm random, crazy, and forever young. I am obsessed with hot guys, ~especially the shirtless ones~ and I prefer having guy friends rather than girls. (except for all the girls here on fictionpress, there so much better than a lot of girls I've met!) I prefer guys cause there just...well... i dunno.

My big sis is Sid Arbaon! Check her out!

I haven't updated for my story yet, mostly cause i keep on coming up with great idea's for other stories.

A story I've been thinking about writing is Angels' Academy. It's about a girl named Salyena. She was kicked out of her house when she was young, and soon asked to come back when her dad suddenly became president. But then she starts having these weird dreams, and starts having visions and hearing voices, and she also see's shadow's of people with wings. Once she gets snatched away, she finds out she's an angel.

Oh, and one last thing: I PANIC A LOT. That's why I switched avatars.

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