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Not much of a writer...but that doesn't mean I won't give it a try in the future.

Name: Bex or Beca :)

Occupation: College Student

Major: Graphic Design

Hobbies: Reading, playing the piano, guitar, singing, drawing, photography, making friends,hanging out

A bit more about myself: I get sick a lot so many days I have to stay in bed, that's why I'm addicted to reading stories on FP.

I'm half jewish yet I can't speak or read hebrew hehe. I'm pretty loyal,so once you become my friend, you'll be my friend forever :D

I tend to babble. I like traveling a lot. I'm a Christian and try to please God every single day of my life.

I absolutely adore my dog.

2010 so far's looking like it's going to be a fantastic year...just felt like saying it.

And remember people: Stealing is still a crime in a EVERY country so don't do it. Don't plagiarize!

Remember! What goes around, come around...TWICE.

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