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Well, When it comes down to it, how do people write profiles so easyly! .



I'm a reviwer, I like to leave reviews whenever a story holds my atention till the end, I will comment on it and be sincere (sorry if I offend anyone). I have tried and tried to write my own fiction but whatever the reason is, I can't finish them!

I don't post anything till its finished u.u

I have an account at , though, I write in portuguese there (my first language)

That leads me to the "Hanna's bad grammar" case...

And how Hanna (yeah, without the ending H) is a very much lazy, layback person...


Don't really expect much inteligence here o.o' Or perhaps you should... just saying.

And I guess I'd just say this. I'm lazy! x.x And when I say lazy, I mean it... so most of the time, I will hunt for Completed Stories, and if I like them, I favorite and review them (not necessarily in that order). Although I have the habit of "following" Stories and not review them, I will, just another time... If you're one of those, then You have a Review Ticket with me! XD

Review Ticket sistem: Works at week days, from 9 to 5, holydays excluded.

err... I'm being obnoxious o_O"


I have a few plans of writing and posting a fic of my own sometime, I have a few plot bunnies, but they refuse to multiply! They're bunnies! they're suppose to multiply! Yet, mine lay dormant, there in his corner... (I even tried to lure him out with a carrot)

Now, really, I have a bunnie named Plot o.O; He's all white n' fluffy n' cute! I think I should get him a girlfriend named Muse... maybe he will miltiply this time... (~jk!)


I'm not good with personal stuff... favorite subject is MATH! XD And History, and Geometry, and Cauculus-y, and Algebra-y, and Geografy, and Biology, and Chemistry, and Science-y, and...Okey, I'm done! I'm a geek okey! SUE ME! SUE MEEEE!

now it's time for random things... I found this is Portuguese so I translated it XD I giggled to death... okey, here it is.

How to make a woman very happy!

The story begins like this ...

At the highest peak of Tibet lived the wisest man in the world.
Once, a man was looking for him and asked him this:
- Master of masters! What is the shortest and safest way for a woman's heart?
The master replied:
- There is no safe route to the heart of a woman, my child.
All tracks are at the edge of cliffs and there’s also paths without maps, filled with rocks and poisonous snakes...
- But then, master ... What should I do to win the heart of my beloved?
Then said the great guru:
- Making a woman happy is easy. You only need to be:

1) Friend

2) Fellow

3) Lover

4) Brother

5) Father

6) Boss

7) Educator

8) Cooker

9) Mechanical

10) Plumber

11) In house Designer

12) stylist

13) Electrician

14) Sexologist

15) Gynecologist

16) Psychologist

17) Psychiatrist

18) Therapist

19) Bold

20) sympathetic

21) Sportsman

22) Caring

23) Given

24) Knight-ish

25) Intelligent

26) Imaginative

27) creative

28) Sweet

29) Strong

30) Understanding

31) tolerant

32) Wise

33) ambitious

34) Capable

35) Brave

36) Decided

37) Reliable

38) Respectful

39) fond

40) And, preferably, RICH!

- Do not spit on the floor;

- Give flowers and many .. Many presents;

- Cut and clean your nails .. (Do not eat the nails);

- Let her be jealous of you, she can (you don’t);

- Use deodorant (one that works);

- Do not talk dirty words;

- Do not be rude with others;

- Do not speak ill of her mother. In fact, love her mother;

- Do not be jealous of her;

- Do not delay in the bath;

- Do not come home late.

- Get to work and come home running;

- Do not stay drinking up late with your friends. Moreover, no more friends;

- Do not be stingy. Use at least 2 credit cards;

- Do not say that women cannot drive;

- Do not look at any other women ... Moreover, there are no other women;

- Learn to cook;

- Say 'I love you' at least 05 times a day;

- Wash the dishes;

- Call her, from anywhere, to let her know where you are.

- Let her talk for hours on the phone;

- No snoring;

- Do not be fanatical about football;

- Shave every day as to not scratch her;

- Never complain about anything;

- Notice when she cut her hair, even if it was only the
Pinch, and tell her always it was beautiful ...

And very importantly: do not forget any of these dates: her birthday, engagement, wedding, graduation, menstruation,
First kiss, mother’s birthday, aunt’s, brother’s or sister’s beloved;
grandparents’ anniversary, her best friend’s ... And the cat’s…

Unfortunately, compliance with these instructions do not guarantee 100 of her happiness, because she might feel trapped in a suffocating life of perfection and run away with the first jock “life's mocker” she finds.

- And most importantly, my boy ... Wait ... where are you going?


By unknown.

Now that I've reached this far, I'm done! XD fear! FEAR my done-ness! MWAHAHHAHAAHAHAH! 8D



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