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Setogirl2 PM
Joined Jan '10

Nick Name : Setogirl2 (seto-chan)

Real Name : Nora

Country : Egypt

my stories :

the beginning of my life ... On hiatus

strange combination ... Finally back and will get updated weekly

The eye of misery ... new story will get updated as much as I can but for now till the 20th of October I wont be able to update it

planned stories :

a life to live ... a love story that lasted 24 years

the violin that touched my heart ... the story is about love between an amateur violinist and a professional pianist with a strong character " im currently hearing different piano and violin pieces to different people and reading about it i want to make this an artistic story so it will have some information about old pianists and violinists but dont worry it wont be unknown and i will explain anything thats not obvious "

cure and love ... this story takes place in ancient japan it about a girl who is good in medicine she falls in love with a prince " this one i already finished the first chapter of it but i cant upload it because im not sure when i will write in it next "

this is my fanfiction account


- finally back to the book of living and back to writing

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