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I think of myself as an "on-and-off" sort of writer. Sometimes I'm an avid writer for a few days, and then I don't write at all for a month. I write mostly poetry, but an occasional short story , one two-act play and a multitude of essays for classes I've taken throughout my life, one of which is featured on this Web site.

A little about me as a person.

I currently live in Indiana, but go to school in Kentucky. I'm a university student. I won't tell you my name, because I'm a jerk.

Politically, I identify myself as libertarian. I think the government should stay out of people's lives as much as it can and still do its job, which is to protect people's rights, which it threatens by interfering too much, which is why I'm a libertarian. I was raised conservative, and I definitely believe in the values upheld by conservatism, but I don't think it's the government's job to uphold said values.

I am a strong proponent of gun rights. I think that as long as the good guys have guns, they will be able to better defend themselves against the bad guys and if guns are illegal across the board, bad guys will have them anyway because they don't give a shit about the law.

My religion, and I insistently proclaim it to be the only truth, is Christianity. Like all of us, I am a sinner and damned to eternity in hell by my own works, but through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ I have been saved from my sins. I would implore you to also believe in Jesus so you can also be saved.

I'm something of a technophobe. I'm not radical about this, like some whacko living in the woods wearing a loincloth or any crazy crap like that, but I tend to shun the latest technological developments until they are old news. To be more specific, I only recently fully accepted cell phones and the Internet, I don't see what's so awesome about Blu-Ray (although I greatly appreciate DVDs), and I have never sent or received a text message. I think UAVs and nuclear weapons are of the devil.

I refer to myself as a pacifist, situation permitting. This means I hate war, but think that it is necessary sometimes. The last good war (if such a thing can ever exist) that we were in was World War II. I agree with the reasons of wars since then, but disagree with much of what was done in the course of them.

I love America, but I am against nearly everything the government is doing right now.

All this being said, read my works, and let me know what you think.

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