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WELCOME to all those who actually decided to read about boring old me... (I'm really not THAT old...)

I'm new to ficitionpress so bare with me...

Okay, so the first thing you should know about me is that I am by no means a writer. I like to read and do math problems for fun, so as you can probably guess i'm horrible with anything to do with languages. And believe me I've tried to learn French (gave up after grade 10), Spanish (gave up after an year), Italian (gave up after 2 years), Latin (gave up after i got a C in that class). BUT i am an avid reader..

I am university student studying mathematics...which i adore :)

I lived my whole life in Toronto, On ... which it is the most beautiful and wonderful city. I love the sound of traffic, subway trains, people yelling and tall shiny buildings...Its my home and wouldnt want to live anywhere else.

I'm a hopeless romantic, though I will deny it if you ask me to my face...

I LOVE movies... My favourite movies are : Ocean's Eleven, Godfather (part I and II), Fight Club, Forrest Gump, Tropic Thunder, so much more that i cant think right now.

I LOVE music... My favourite bands are: Muse, System of a Down, Three days Grace, Billy Talent, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Life House...I still listen to Backstreet boys, though i will deny it to everyone else.

I'm new to fictionpress, even though i had an account with fanfiction for a while now. So i just found out about the high levels of plagiarism, which is totally unacceptable. I have never written a story in my life that wasn't for school purposes, but I know i would be devastated if someone stole my work to solving a calculus problem. SO, PLEASE DON'T PLAGIARIZE...

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