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Hey guys! I recently deleted tow of my stories, Six Billion Souls and The Secret Life of Juliette Kendyl. It's been a crazy last few months and quite honestly,I I just don't like how these two have been coming out. I have removed them for the time being. It is possible that SBS will be continued but I highly doubt I'll go on with SLJK. I'm sorry for any inconvience :(

Currently In-Progress:

Loving Charlie Evans(ALMOST DONE!*): A novel about the popular girl, Bonnie, falling for the local bad boy, Charlie. But Charlie has a secret that no one ever could have guessed.

Joe's Girl: Falling in love with your bestfriend is never easy. Then again, Joe and Addie never do anything the easy way. One thing's for sure; Addie will always be Joe's Girl.

The Undertaking (NEW!*): Having powers isn't easy. Especially when you are 17 years old and falling in love at the same time. And don't forget about fighting the bad guys! All of that on top of getting your homework done? Only Damon would be able to do all this and still look insanely good...


Taylor's Story: "Seeing ghosts" was not under the house description when Taylor moved to New York. Will she be able to handle her new life along with a new boyfriend...who's also her best friend's brother?!

The Seventh Day: Seven Days. That's all it took. Seven days to change Mia's life. After being kidnapped, Mia must try to do the only thing she can do; survive. *SHORT STORY*

Thanks guys, you mean the world! Reviews are ALWAYS wanted. Love you!

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