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7/17/12 Update:

Hi everyone! Sorry for my long absence, but I'm back with a completed, polished version of my full length story, Meriwether Academy. I hope you'll check it out below! I'm also planning to work on The Bet as my Camp NaNoWriMo novel in August, so you'll probably be seeing more of that soon!



Yeah, so I'm Jay. Utterly random, stuffed full of quirks, and hanging on to my crazy roller-coaster life by the skin of my teeth.

10 facts about me:

1. I'm a girl. I actually consider this a vital and personality-dependent fact.

2. I have many irrational fears (for example, haircuts, spiders, and watching other people get shots), but can overcome almost all of them by singing loudly if I encounter any.

3. I love to read, and in my opinion, a really good book will make me cry at least once, as long as it makes me smile in the end.

4. Writing is my life; I include all types of writing in this... my novel (which you can find below), FanFiction, especially songs, and yes, even academic writing is a big part of my life.

5. Music is also my life. I mentioned writing songs, but I also adore playing music (classical and pop) and listening to my iPod. Music is my coping mechanism. When none of my real friends can deal with my whining, my iPod becomes my BFF.

6. I have a younger brother who is the devil and is most likely going to hell, but I'll follow him because I love him like no other.

7. My two best friends are polar opposites and secretly despise each other, but I'm the only one who knows. Oh the drama!

8. I often have meltdowns about what I want to be when I grow up, because I really want to be a musician, but I'm afraid to tell anyone in case: 1) I don't have what it takes, 2) They disapprove, or 3) A combination of both.

9. On the outside, I'm a straight-laced over-achiever, and sort of a prude, but on the inside I'm a goofy rebel just waiting to break out.

10. I adore internet friendships because they allow me to be myself without fear of judgement, so send me a PM, and be sure to review my stories!

Quirks of mine for your amusement:

-I'm afraid of the number 4, and won't do anything 4 times, take a group of 4 objects, or eat 4 pieces of food.

-My secret ambition is to be British, and I often use a British accent and expressions when I'm someplace where no one knows me.

-Sometimes I actually like to study because it makes me feel smart.

-For several days after watching a horror movie, I make my dad turn on the light in my bedroom and check the closet before I go in.

-I'm obsessed with unconventional crime shows (e.g. Psych, Bones, Castle, Lie to Me, The Mentalist)

-I once wouldn't eat pizza for 8 months after having an allergic reaction to it (it's one of my favorite foods, but I was traumatized)

-I'm obsessed with actual chocolate, but am not crazy about the flavor in other things. I mean, yeah, it's okay, but whatever you're offering, I'd rather have it in vanilla.

-I grow strangely attached to inanimate objects. My violin's name is Bridget. My guitars' names are Lucy and Daisy. I thank my printer when it's finished a job. When my mom offered to get me a new computer, I declined. My cell phone on the other hand...

-I flirt with my guy friends for practice. They think I'm insane and don't understand my logic. Truthfully, neither do I. It's just fun to get them riled up.

-I'm a nerd, and take pride in it. Literally, once my teacher told me, "You know, you're a pretty cool nerd." And I didn't miss a beat. I just replied, "Thanks, Ms. D." (and then proceeded to giggle madly with my friends.)

Good books:

1. Harry Potter. Seriously, if you haven't read them there's something wrong with you. Or your parents.

2. A Great and Terrible Beauty trilogy. Pretty much a girlier version of HP.

3. Fracture by Megan Miranda. A beautiful and haunting story about a girl dealing with brain damage and mysterious new powers after an accident that should have killed her. Realistic fiction with a tinge of supernatural/fantasy. Just don't read it while you have a concussion like I did, or you will be terrified of turning into the main character.

4. Any book by Dan Savage (advice columnist, founder of the "It Gets Better" movement). Only applies if you're socially liberal and/or interested in gay rights. Hilarious autobiographical stories about the life of an inspiring man.

5. Meg Cabot... her books are my guilty pleasure!

Good movies:

Now this one I can get into!

1. Anything with Amanda Bynes. Seriously. Funny girl with cool personality has some hardship that puts her in hilarious movie-making conditions, throw in a guy that's 20 times too hot for her, but is great eye candy anyway, and we have some of my favorite movies of all time! (She's the Man, Sydney White, What a Girl Wants, anyone?)

2. Anything with Anne Hathaway... except that one movie that got her nominated for an Oscar. It was boring, and she smoked a lot. Blech. But seriously...The Devil Wears Prada, Princess Diaries, GET SMART! (holy pants she was amazing in that one!), Valentine's Day, Alice in Wonderland (although the rest of that movie was kind of weird, she was still great), Bride Wars, Becoming Jane, even Ella Enchanted! (Actually, I really loved that one.) Wow, I probably should of put her in front of Amanda Bynes. Actually, She's the Man... yeah, nope. Nothing can beat that.

3. Avatar. Between the awesome visuals and the amazing plot/acting that turns you against the human race, I love this as a compromise between serious and entertaining movies.

4. Harry Potter. No life-changing material, but nice fight scenes, kind of sucky romance, and for some reason just pretty terrific overall. I mean, it's Harry Potter. It can't be bad.

5. The Avengers- current obsession. Can't get over Chris Evans. (If you're as in love with him as I am, check out What's Your Number. Also stars Anna Faris, who is adorable and hilarious.)


Now, music is highly dependent on personal taste. I mean, first you have the general time period--
1. Contemporary
2. Cute music our parents would like
3. Weird music our grandparents would like
4. Boring music from before then: classical music, caveman music, dinosaur music... you catch my drift.

So, assuming we're in the general contemporary period, there's:
1. Jazz (let's just toss that one, it's practically as bad as classical)
2. Metal (it hurts my ears)
3. Funk (what does that even mean?)
4. Rap (umm, is it just me or is that pretty much talking to a beat?)
5. Pop/Rock (Pop is short for 'popular' and just confuses me. Is is whatever is popular at the moment? And why is it grouped with rock? Oh, maybe because rock is popular at the moment. Oh, that makes sense. I think.)
6. Show tunes (good, but you would never admit that in public),
7. Children's (I don't know what this is, but it's in my iTunes library... oh eww, never listen to it. Ever.)
8. Emo (Anything that makes you depressed and question the meaning of life... not necessarily bad.)
9. Country (woot-woot, the savior of the world!)
10. Wrock (short for Wizard Rock, based on Harry Potter books, pretty much the awesome-est invention since flush toilets.)

So, yeah, I like (wizard and regular) rock (but not hard-rock) country (but not hard-country) and pop (depending on what it's defined as. But I'm pretty sure I like it.) Let's journey into those genres.

1. Taylor Swift. If you're a non-believer, don't argue. Just listen to her songs until it sinks into your head that she is the greatest singer-songwriter known to man. She's my role model. I adore her. Cool, let's move on.

2. Ed Sheeran. I'm not sure how long my obsession with him will last, but it's pretty bad. Listening to The A-Team on replay, learning Lego House on guitar, and singing U.N.I. at work... I'm in too deep.

3. One Direction. I know, I know... nerds aren't supposed to like boy bands. But they have some genuine talent, and a good mix of catchy songs and songs with deeper meaning. Plus they're British!

4. Allison Iraheta. 4th place in season 8 of American idol- great voice, amazing songs for getting pumped up, although some are a little depressing. I can listen to her album straight through, which for me is the sign of a favorite.

5. Anything top 40. I'm pretty trendy with my music tastes. Right now, I'm loving "Brokenhearted" by Karmin and "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. Kind of shameful, but there you go. They are just too catchy!

So, yup. There's some other cool Wizard Rock bands, but none worth mentioning in my favorite bands/performers list, so if you would like some recommendations, PM me!

Thanks for visiting. Have a nice day!

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